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Hey there, I'm Princess Rennie but I go by Snow White as well. Idk what I'm doing here I just, um, yeah. I like writing.

a whole new world full of 1x1s

i’d say something about it

but then i wouldn’t because um

idk i’ll just shut my mouth and eat my vegetables, like marie says

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i just made a cover of WMYB and i’m laughing so hard at my face that it’s not even normal lmfao i’m going to send it to kayla later xoxo

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skylar’s rpg is amazing and i want to apply but sigh laksdjl im scared of joining and etc

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i love ariel’s gifs and photos, i have so many omf

alright so like i said earlier i’m kind of tired of people, you guys are lovely and i’m having a good laugh but my head hurts so i might be on later idk im just tired of myself

this is no good but again lol

alright night my birds, hope you have lovely dreams

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What the princesses do on their day off. 

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petitetiaras / kkaylalala


alright. have fun being wet and stuff.


because that would be a great idea JUST SHANK MARGIE.

i actually don’t know like maybe they take someone else or they seem like they might take her and then they’ll probably plot to run away i mean what else would they do.

omg i was joking calm your tits margie is too lovely to die

alskdj SOUNDS GOOD all the fear and shit, alright, i’m going to take a shower and then i’ll write you a reply


shh, you’re suppose to keep it a secret, remember? 

I’ll keep yours if you keep mine.


mega proud of you

i’m actually being a good asian for once. it’s invigorating. 

you’re mulan, carie

who cares about grades when you’re saving your nation LMFAO


i posted something for you the other day but you weren’t around

i asked what we were going to do with margie and nash because sakljdkla MY FEELINGS idk should they kill her lol jk




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